Refinement, attractiveness and superb quality are DULY’s
shirt characters that derive from a perfect combination of
our two important aspects.

First is a spirit of our experienced shirtmakers who live their lives making shirts, All DULY’s shirtmakers own not less than 10 years experience, Although, a development of the shirt making industry offers an advanced machine for shirt producing, DULY’s craftpeople are still commited to carefully maintain the tradition of a handwork. Each of DULY’s shirt demands 10 hours of a dedicated craftmanship by a single shirtmaker from the beginning to a completetion. The exquisite result is incomparable to a machine-manufactured shirt.

Another factor is DULY’s finest fabrics. DULY truly emphasis on selecting the finest fabrics available from Italy, the best mill in the world. All DULY’s fabrics are made from superior quality raw materials, advanced weaving technique and not to mention, the finishing technique from a long years of experience that is impossible to imitate.

Try and experience DULY’ shirt.
Feel the greatness every time when wearing.
Reserved only for the gentleman of discernment.